What is the most common disability mistake?

Because the majority of appeals are granted at a hearing, failing to appeal a denial to the hearing level is the number one error … and unfortunately very common. More detailed information on these and other common claimant questions is available in the library below.

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What are disability hearings like?

They are private, held in a small conference room, and last an hour or so. You will be asked about your education, training, work experience, symptoms, limitations, and daily activities.

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How much will representation cost?

The typical fee is 25% of back benefits, up to a maximum set by the Commissioner of Social Security, which is currently $6,000. Sometimes, though, when appeals beyond the ALJ hearing level are involved, the fee is more.

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What does a disability attorney do?

The big-picture answer is: analyze what needs to be proven to win benefits, figure out how to prove it, gather the necessary evidence, assist with appeals at every level, and correspond with the SSA on your claim, be sure to Visit Website if you need a law expert. Some of the specific tasks are: [...]

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When do you suggest I hire a lawyer?

Most claimants wait until their claims are denied on reconsideration before hiring a lawyer. Most observers agree this timing works well because it is at a hearing that having a lawyer truly makes a difference.

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Should I use an attorney to help me apply?

  Not everyone is required to have an attorney represent them before the USPTO. However, all trademark applicants and registrants must provide and keep current their domicile address in trademark filings. This lets us determine the identity of the applicant or registrant and whether or not they must be represented by a U.S.-licensed attorney to [...]

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