Workers Compensation (WC)

State laws that ensure medical care and cash benefits to a worker injured in connection with a job, or cash benefits to dependents if the worker is killed. There is a limit on the amount of Social Security disability benefits plus worker’s compensation benefits a recipient may receive.

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Windfall Offset

The reduction in retroactive Title II benefits equal to the amount of SSI payments a recipient would not have received had Title II been paid on time.

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Waiting Period (WP)

Five consecutive full calendar months beginning with the earliest full calendar month throughout which the worker was under a disability and had disability insured status for benefit purposes. No T-2 benefits are paid during the waiting period.

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Wage Earner (WE)

An individual working under and paying wages covered under the Social Security system.

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Vocational Expert (VE)

An expert witness who provides an opinion about vocational issues for use at a disability hearing, either in person or in answer to interrogatories.

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Vocational Adjustment

Vocational Adjustment involves an interaction of a claimant’s residual functional capacity (RFC) with his or her age, education, and work experience in order to decide whether the claimant can adjust to jobs which he or she may be vocationally qualified to do.

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